How Safe is Your Cash While You’re Working

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Most have seen the crazy videos of clumsy robberies and ditzy criminals, but while laughing heartily at these grainy clips, not much thought is given to our own register security. Bloggers at The Norton Group say that most of thefts made by employees are done at the cash register. The worker simply makes it look like they are ringing up a sale when in all actuality they hit the, “no sale” button only to pocket the customers payment.

Sometimes an employee is not so innocent when it comes to taking all the money collected at the end of the day to the bank to be deposited. A more cunning thief would make sure to only grab what can be blamed on a simple mistake. Such as $20 missing can be blamed on a mathematically mistake easier than that of a few hundred dollars. Employees skimming money is not the only security risk that business owners have to worry about when it comes to stealing. The sticky fingers of a criminal don’t always come with a gun in hand demanding money.

There are some thieves that have a grab and go mentality. In this situation a robber goes into a store and makes a small purchase, such as a candy bar or soda and when the cash register clerk opens the register drawer, the perpetrator just reaches over and helps him or herself to what’s in the register drawer.

The Dallas News Crime Blog recently reported such a string of crimes where a man dressed in a grey hoodie was going into retailers and grabbing what would be conceived as a typical item, such as toilet paper to buy. However, when the employee running the cash register went to get the man his change, he helped himself to the money in the cash drawer and then dashed away.

Security Is Never As Good As It Could Be

Most business owners think they take security of the register seriously, when in all actuality they let their guard down several times a day. The proper starting point to be sure and make your business as secure as it can be would be where all the action is, yup, the register.

Think about your current cash register, how old is it? Was it purchased from a big retailer or from a specialty store? A Lot of registers that are purchased from a department store have a small lever on the bottom that releases the cash drawer, no key, no code, no pry bar required.

Having a more secure cash drawer such as the one that can be purchased through Shopify can help you to keep your most important asset, cash flow, more secure. When considering good features that you want your register to have, safety and security should be top priority.

Always Keep an Eye on the Register Even if it’s Not Human

Getting the best cash drawer is step one; however, there are more things that can be done to help out in truing up the security of your most precious asset. Always make sure you got a security camera in place. Even if your store is not completely covered by cameras, make sure you have a few watching the registers. That way if someone is stealing from you, there is a better chance of catching them.

Make sure your employees do not leave a cash drawer on the counter and turn their back even for a second or two. According to Security Management, thefts do not always happen at the register, even though it is the most common place. Employees and shoppers a like have been caught damaging goods to try and get a discount on that item, this scheme is particularly popular around the holidays.

Customers and employees alike have a tendency to steal a lot when it comes to working around the restaurant and bar trade. Customer payments can look like a quick tip when it’s going into the server’s pocket. Sometimes customers will pretend to be unhappy with every entrée they are served until suddenly they decide the restaurant isn’t worth it and they leave. However, most people pulling this trick conveniently haven’t had enough of this bad food until they are so full that they absolutely couldn’t possibly try and then send back another dish.

This is why a lot of restaurants have tried to put into place a policy that doesn’t force their customer to pay for their dinner if they are unsatisfied. Nonetheless, when you order something else, you won’t be charged with what you didn’t like but you will be charged for the replacement dish.

Whether your business is retail sales, services or the food trade, everything that pertains to running that business comes down to what comes in and essentially goes out at the cash drawer.


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