New AR 670-1: Army Grooming & Appearance Regulation Leaked Online

New AR 670-1 Army Grooming Appearance Regulation


Information on the US Army’s highly anticipated changes to grooming and uniform regulations leaked earlier today, just days prior to the official release.

Army Secretary John McHugh approved the revised regulation on March 6, and it will replace over 50 all-Army messages and will include new polices on issues such as, grooming standards, tattoos, authorized boots to wear with the ACU, and general wear and appearance of the uniform.

Earlier today, a power point presentation dated 19 March and titled “Uniform Policy Leaders Training,: was posted by U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments. The 2014 version of Army Regulation 670-1 (AR 670-1), will be released on April 1st.

AR 670-1 Uniform & Appearance Policy Leaders Training

Download The PDF—> Updated AR 670-1 Slide Deck

Update: See ALARACT 082/2014 For Effective Dates

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  1. the Army is not like Burger King you can’t have it your way

  2. Are we still aloud to have tapered mustaches?

  3. END Discussion!
    This is the United States Army, period. If you don’t like taking orders, doing what you are told and keeping your mouth shut, it’s not the place for you. Nobody higher up does, or should, give a crap about some stupid petition. I see a few options for you here. Get out, Shut your mouth and deal with it, or, the one that would have most definately helped a little earlier “do some research on THE ARMY REGULATIONS.” It has never been acceptable to do any of these things, get over it, drive on, be a good little Soldier. Or, stop bitching on the internet about stuff nobody gives a shit about, study a little, work your way up the ranks, and then when you’re the boss in twenty years, make whatever changes you want, good luck! Any corporation in the world follows the professional guidlines created and dictated by the bosses, the army is no diferent except this isn’t a regular organization, there is no room for petitions.

    • To suddenly limit a long-term soldier’s career advancement because of a new rule with no warning is unfair. I can hold any civilian Nurse Practitioner position I want with my sleeve tattoo (which is a reminder of a tour as a line medic in Iraq), provided that I keep it covered with long sleeves while at work, but suddenly I am not “officer material” because of these new guidelines? I think not. I’ll be happy to put my medical skills and knowledge to use outside of the military after my contract is over and never look back.

    • What about tapered mustaches? I have been asked to shave it off by my xo but it was authorized before idk if it still is

  4. Grow a pair, if you can’t handle the changes then get out. Its the United States Army, not some ****ing social club that has to be nice to everyone and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    • yeah well maybe old SMA Chandeller should worry about important issues and not tattoo’s I guess that’s what 30 years in the military and only 12 months in country gets you… a [moderator edit] pawn

    • And could you give us a little more detail, besides please sign this petition? Heck, there’s no less than 3 petitions, what makes yours any different?

  5. Use of headphones while in ACU’s

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