Marine Corps Tattoo Policy Leaked Before Official Release


Updates to the USMC tattoo policy has been leaked on Reddit, weeks before the official release. The new Marine Corps’ tattoo policy will address the size, proper placement, and potential career ramifications for those in violation.

According to the Marine Corps Times, the new policy will provide specific instruction to Marines who want to serve on special duty assignments, such as recruiters, drill instructors, and embassy guards.

Unauthorized USMC Tattoo Locations

  • Head / Neck
  • Above Collar Bone
  • 2″ from the Elbow (above or below)
  • Hands, with the exception of wedding ring tattoos
  • Within 2″ of the Wrist
  • 2″ from the Patella (above or below)
  • Below Ankles and anywhere on Foot


Here are the photos of the pending changes:




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