I’m Goin’ To The Pro Bowl With USAA!

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If you’re at the Pro Bowl events next week, please stop by and say hello. I’m the 5’10” 190-pound middle-aged balding ponytailed surfer dude who’ll probably be wearing sunglasses, surf shorts, & t-shirt. And SPF50 sunscreen in the middle of winter because, you know, Hawaii.

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Most of the tickets to the pre-game events were handed out to active-duty servicemembers & families. You can probably still get your hands on a Pro Bowl ticket, and if you’re at Aloha Stadium then you can track me down on Twitter or on my Facebook page. I’ll post regularly on social media during next week and at the game itself.

USAA has been the NFL’s “Official Military Appreciation Sponsor” for nearly five years, and they’ve helped shine a big spotlight on the military at games and other NFL events. * As part of that campaign, I’m one of the select few USAA Member Community bloggers who was invited to cover the Pro Bowl. (Well, maybe it’s because I live here too. But I digress.) USAA is showing their appreciation for our servicemembers & families with a chance to share in the pre-game festivities. I’d like to chat with some of you to share your stories of how USAA has helped you over the years. In return, if you have questions about financial independence or USAA services & products, I’ll be happy to supply the answers.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 26 January, I may be on the Remembrance Tour of Pearl Harbor aboard the admiral’s barge from the PACFLT Boathouse. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on (and in) Pearl Harbor in the last 26 years, and it’ll be a pleasant change of pace to see it without being on duty.

I’m also planning to cover the Pro Bowl Draft on Wednesday 27 January from a secure location on a military base. It’ll be broadcast live because, you know, Hawaii. Laugh all you want, but our visitor numbers take a big jump in February.

On game day, Sunday 31 January, around 10:30 AM, I’ll be in the parking lot of Richardson Field with the USAA team to assist whoever needs help identifying our local kine grindz at the tailgaters. (No worries, we will post Twitter photos.) During the game, I’ll be wherever USAA and I think we can find military families to chat with.

The Pro Bowl only happens once a year, but USAA has more events planned for Hawaii. They’ll be a prominent participant around Oahu in 2016 as we prepare for the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. (For many WWII veterans and their families, this may be the last Pearl Harbor ceremony that they’ll attend.) My spouse and I have spent quite a bit of time at the USS ARIZONA Memorial, and it’s fitting that USAA is supporting the motto of “Remember, Honor, Understand”. Keep an eye on USAA’s website during 2016 for more information.

(* Yes, I can already predict a comment! Some of you may be concerned that your insurance premiums are spent on military appreciation events at football games. However, that marketing tactic costs a lot less than direct mail or traditional media display ads, and it’s bringing in a whole new generation of members who did not realize that they’re eligible. They actually use more products– and spend more money– than us older members. This sponsor expense has a return on investment because the new members are holding down our insurance costs!)


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  1. No worries, Ryan, I think most of the crowd will stick around for another week of personal partying after the Pro Bowl… nobody’s in a hurry to get back to the Mainland to enjoy more winter weather!

  2. Sounds like a great time, Doug! Looks like I’ll be a couple weeks late for the party!

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