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Impact Publications has the book and pocket guide available on their website now:

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4″x5″ 64-page pocket guide

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E-mail:  NordsNords (at) Gmail.  That’s as fast as it gets.  We’re already as cheap as it gets, and we are also as good as it gets.

We’re among the nation’s top experts in military financial independence.   (We have the reader statistics and the Google data to prove it.)  Best of all, we’re unbiased.  Sure, it’d make us happy to score a quote in your publication and to bring thousands of new readers to the blog.  However, we’re already financially independent, we enjoy writing and helping people, and now we’re paying it forward.  We’re here to help your readers reach financial independence, and that information is on the blog.  You might find what you’re seeking right now by searching our posts for your keywords.

We’re happy to answer media requests because that helps us reach more readers.  However, we’re rarely able to respond within the hour because we’re not hustling another career– we’re enjoying our lives and our families.  We will respond as soon as we check e-mail, and always within 24 hours.  We’ll also give you the right answer and an objective one.

Doug’s phone number is also free upon request.  He’s happy to chat, but Hawaii is in a different time zone so let’s swap e-mail to set up a time to talk over phone or Skype or Google– whatever’s easiest for you!  We’re also pretty good with pithy sound bites.


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