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Five years ago I sold the manuscript of “The Military Guide To Financial Independence and Retirement” to Impact Publications.


This month is also the fifth anniversary of starting the blog.  After I sold the draft to the publisher, my marketing plan had me building a bigger audience while the publisher was building the book.

To mark those milestones, here are the blog’s top ten posts of the last five years:

Calculating A Reserve Retirement *

The 2015 Military Pay Chart (and here’s the projected 2016 Military Pay Chart)

Everything You Need To Know For The FY 2015 MAVNI Language Program

Home page / Archives

Military Reserve and National Guard Retirement Calculators *

New AR 670-1: Army Grooming & Appearance Regulation Leaked Online

Retiring from the Reserves and National Guard *

Will the military pay off your student loans?

Comparing An E-7 Active-Duty Pension To An E-7 Reserve Pension *

A List Of Authorized Army Combat Boots, 670-1 Compliant


[ * See the theme there? Reserve/National Guard requirements are, quite simply, the most confusing aspects of military service. The majority of my reader questions ask about getting into the Reserve/Guard, and then deciding when to retire, and how to figure out the pension.]


If you’re just curious about how to achieve financial independence, then start here.

For the next few months, I’m posting every other week while my spouse and I are at FinCon15 (in Charlotte, NC), USAA’s DigitalMilex (San Antonio), and traveling around Spain with our daughter. (As you’re reading this, my spouse and I are getting ready to fly to Norfolk or Dover to fly a Space A charter to Rota.) I’ll resume the weekly posting schedule in 2016.

Check back in two weeks for the Thursday post. I’ll also be more active on social media through the rest of the year (including conference reports and Andalusia updates), so follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

WHAT I DO: I help you reach financial independence. For free.

I retired in 2002 after 20 years in the Navy’s submarine force. I wrote “The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement” to share the stories of over 50 other financially independent servicemembers, veterans, and families. All of my writing revenue is donated to military-friendly charities.

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