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The 2016 Military Pay Chart

1.3% Pay Raise Coming In 2016. The White House and Senate FY 2016 budget proposals provide a whopping 1.3% military pay raise. While the House of ...

12B Combat Engineer Officially Opens To Women

The Army Combat Engineer School sets the example, by officially opening training seats for women. Combat engineers now open to females, adding more than ...

How to Become a Spy Without Leaving the Corporate World

Everyone wants to be James Bond — using logic, charisma, and fancy gadgets to overcome terrorists and crime syndicates around the world — but the life of a spy ...

Why All Nurses Should Consider the Military First

Modern nurses are independent, adept, and highly educated health care providers who can accurately diagnose, treat, and otherwise provide care for a wide range ...

Being Smart About Investing In Education

Educational choices can be as complex and as important as investment choices however they are often not treated with the same attention to detail. Education ...

7 High-Earning Jobs Perfect for Post-Military Vets

The military produces highly proficient, highly educated, and overall high quality professionals, which is why so many diverse fields clamor for military ...

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