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We rarely publish sponsored posts. We want our content to serve our community. However, sometimes a corporate sponsor has a message that needs to get out to the greater military community and will resonate with our audience. If this is your situation, then please contact us. We would like to work with you.

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Here’s What You Get:

We serve the greater military and veteran community, with an emphasis on achieving financial freedom and maximizing military benefits.

We strive to teach service-members how to save and invest to reach their own financial independence within 10-20 years. There are no secrets or tricks and it’s not easy. But it’s straightforward. Our methods work for all ranks, active duty, Reserve, National Guard, military retirees, and even for veterans who have only served one obligation. If your product or service can help, then we’d like to spread the word about it.

This blog has grown from a simple question on a popular discussion board into a book, a pocket guide, and a crowd of loyal military & family readers.  We post several times per month and the archives receive considerable search engine traffic.

The blog reaches over 20,000 27,000  57,000 100,000 unique visitors per month and thousands of more readers on other personal-finance and military discussion boards.  It rules search engines for the terms < military retirement financial independence >.

Approximately three-quarters of its readers are seeking answers to their questions about military pay, benefits, and programs. Nearly 80% of military servicemembers are young men, and most of the military family’s financial decisions are made by their young spouses. A significant minority of the readers are concerned about making the transition from a military career to a civilian one, and they’re trying to figure out how to reach financial independence.

This is a niche blog for a skeptical, yet loyal audience. Our readers are quite familiar with hardship and austerity, and they know how to determine what brings value to their lives.  We can’t waste their time.

Your product or service has to help them move along the road to financial independence or otherwise show how to better utilize the military & veterans benefits they have earned through their military service.

We can make the readers aware of its existence and show them how it can help, but we can’t make up their minds for them or bribe them. They have to be able to perceive its value just by reading about it.

If you’re interested in advertising then we’d like to discuss your opportunity.  That includes Google AdSense and Amazon Associates but we’re also happy to consider affiliate sales, referrals, sponsored posts, sidebar ads, plugins, widgets, and other tools.

Your product needs to be useful to military servicemembers and their families, it needs to respect the U.S. services, and it can’t exploit those who might be financially vulnerable. In other words, no payday loan companies need apply.

Who we are:


Doug and his spouse live in Hawaii, and we love our island lifestyle.  We’re happy to share your military-friendly travel products & services with potential Hawaii visitors.

Doug also writes occasionally about Alzheimer’s Syndrome, military disability, and long-term care insurance.

If you’re an entrepreneurial start-up with a military-friendly product, then Doug is an accredited investor. We may be able to barter your advertising in exchange for an interview and public information about your business model.

Doug is ready to write your promotional post for your included link, but he’s a highly skilled and experienced writer with a deep background in the military and in personal finance.  There will be an extra fee for his copywriting skills.

Let’s be pragmatic.  We’re experienced bloggers.  We use our own social-media networks to compare advertising companies, campaigns, and rates.  If you open with a fair offer then we’ll quickly arrive at a mutually satisfactory contract. In addition, we’ll praise your well-earned reputation to our fellow military and personal-finance bloggers who might also want your business.

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