Comment Policy – How To Comment On “The Military Guide”

In the almost 10 years that we’ve blogged here at “The Military Guide” Galactic HQ, thousands of you have submitted comments & questions. Thank you! Your contributions to this website make this a valuable community for the entire military, veteran, and FIRE population.

However, the blog also gets a lot of spam. We do our best to tackle spam at the source, by using automated filters and controls. However, those only go so far.

To reduce some spam, we may require first-time comments to be approved before they will be live on the site. This is to protect the site from spam and to help prevent comments that are abusive, not safe for work, or otherwise spammy.

What this means to you is that if you’re making your very first comment on this blog, it goes into a queue for my specific approval before it shows up on the blog post. Once I’ve clicked my mouse cursor on the “approved” button of your first comment, then your subsequent comments (on anything) are posted immediately.

If you’re a frequent commenter on this site, then you can post a comment anytime on any post. But if you’ve spent your valuable time composing a thoughtful remark on one of the posts, yet it’s your first comment, then you won’t get the immediate gratification that we all crave. You’ll have to wait until I get back home from surfing, or wake up from my nap finish writing the next post, or even until I catch up on the yardwork (hey, it could happen).

Bottom line? If you want that immediate gratification in future blog posts without waiting for me to get to it, then put up a comment in the next few weeks. We’d be thrilled if your comment is an insightful and witty missive composed of deathless prose, but even a “Thanks!” will get you over that first-comment approval hurdle.

So if you’ve been waiting to make your first comment your best ever, then stop waiting. (It could still be your best ever. But act now.) Don’t hold back. Make a comment so that we can get the “approval” process out of the way. After your first comment then you’re free to post more comments (while my backpack is metaphorically turned) without waiting for my return.

Please note, we are military veterans and we support free speech. But this is also our home, so we make the rules. We do not allow comments that are abusive, derogatory, inflamatory, NSFW (not safe for work), extreme in political or religious views, self-promotional, or otherwise don’t help the general community at large. Who makes those decisions? We do.

Dissenting opinions are welcome! But please, let’s keep it civil.

Anything else, and you are welcome to start your own website.

The links to make a comment depend on how you’re viewing the post. On the blog summary page, look for the faded gray text at the bottom of the post below the “Share this” buttons. It’ll include links like “Leave a comment” or “2 comments”. If you’re reading a page with just one post on it, then you can also use the “Leave a reply” box below the bottom of each post.

And if you want to start a private conversation then use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page.


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