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Over a decade ago, a bunch of early retirees on Early-Retirement.org observed that retired military veterans should be able to retire more easily than most people. After all, an early retiree’s (ER) biggest challenges are inflation and affordable healthcare. Military retirees have a COLA pension and TRICARE.

So where are all those military ERs?

About that time my spouse pointed out Nords, you have a book in you.” I like to write, and this seemed like a good focus for my efforts. Heck, how hard could it be to publish a book?

Over the last eleven years, I’ve collected a wealth of references and gained a whole new perspective on the issue. I’ve worked with over 60 veterans to write about the military ER conundrum. Many of them contributed their own stories while others suggested topics and offered their editing/proofreading services.

The Military Guide has officially become a labor of love.

It has grown into a book, The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement, as well as this blog, featuring around 600+ pages of content.

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