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So where should I invest my money now?!?

Cherie asked a very pertinent question in the TSP post:  I joined the Navy in 2002 and contributed to TSP until I got out 5 years later. Since I have gotten out I have lost over 1/2 of the money in my TSP. Should I just leave it there and let it do its thing […]

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Asset allocation considerations for a military pension

Here’s the first part of a three-part post to answer the nitty-gritty details of the following question: If you’re receiving a military pension, then how should you invest the rest of your portfolio? Frankly, to the majority of you readers, this will be a boring technical essay. The big picture of this week’s posts is […]

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Tailor your investments to your military pay and your pension

  Moshe Milevsky’s book “Are You a Stock or a Bond?” suggests that military on active duty can invest much more aggressively than many civilians. Milevsky’s concept of “human capital” grew out of his studies of investment and retirement plans. He noted that every worker has the lifetime potential to earn different amounts of money, […]

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