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What You Need To Know About National Guard Retirement

National Guard Retirement

Retiring from the Reserves or National Guard is more flexible than retiring from active duty. In the vast majority of cases, your retirement is based on at least 20 good years of service.  (A “good year” requires a certain minimum number of points or days of drill or active duty as well as complying with […]

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How Do I Plan Our Finances For The Rest Of Our Lives?

    I’ve heard from a reader a couple times over the last few years. Here’s their latest question: Hi Doug, I’d like to find a financial planner and see what course correction(s) we have to make based on our current finances. I will be officially retiring in five years but will supplement my military […]

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What’s The Next Step To Financial Independence?

A reader writes: Hi Nords, I have a few questions I’m hoping you can help me with. I trust your expertise in these matters. I am currently an E-8 with seven years to go until retirement. I am hoping I make it to 20 years active and can retire an E-9. I’ll be 48 years […]

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Should I Use A Financial Advisor Or The Thrift Savings Plan?

  I spend a lot of time answering reader questions. Some of them are unique personal decisions, but most of them are about very common situations. I also get personal-finance feedback that just has to be shared with everyone. For example fewer than half of today’s military servicemembers even have a Thrift Savings Plan account, […]

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“Should I Invest In The Thrift Savings Plan Or In Taxable Accounts?”

A reader writes: Nords, I’ve been tracking you across a few blogs and appreciate the military perspective. I just bought your book as well so I am looking forward to flipping through that. Anyway I am trying to set mine and my wife’s savings to combine the 40% you mention here with the pension for […]

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“Can I Transfer My Roth IRA To My Roth TSP?”

    Here’s a great reader question on getting the most out of your Thrift Savings Plan: I frequently read your website and find your advice very helpful, and I am looking to make some money moves that I’m not sure are possible. I have a Roth IRA with a lot of money in it, […]

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