Suze Orman advises a dual-military couple

Suze Orman recently gave less-than-great advice to a military couple. If you know JoAnn & Tony from Colorado then I’d love to ask them if their plans have changed. Until we hear from them, today is a great chance to show why financial advisers might not always understand the intricacies of military benefits. For those […]

More SBP details

Let me disrupt the posting schedule for a day with some additional SBP information from Monday’s post. One of the book’s contributors forwarded me not one but four separate SBP briefs put out by the Air Force Personnel Center. With the gracious permission of Mr. Dan McCullough, who added some clarification slides, here they are. […]

Survivor Benefit Plan

(Thanks again to Tomcat98 for backing up my research with impressive actuarial data!) This “simple little SBP summary” mutated into a two-part description. Today we’ll cover SBP for active-duty retirees and in the next post we’ll cover the Reserve Component SBP. The SBP will cost you up to 6.5% of your pension, so it’s a […]

New blog highs

Thanks, everyone, for spreading the word. This blog’s only been up for six months but we blew through 10,000 hits last week.  (The hit counter is at the bottom of the right-hand column below the links.) I can’t wait to see how quickly we hit 20,000! I’m also astounded that yesterday’s sea story attracted 225 […]