Retire at 17 years of service or 20?

    I read another good question on a Linkedin group: I am a Marine O-4 who has been passed for promotion and is looking for some advice on early retirement. I will have 17 years  of active duty by the time I am eligible for the early retirement next year. I am a pilot […]

Starting your bridge career after the military

Long post today: I have 2400 words of real-life examples for a reader’s question. When I started thinking about a book, I wasn’t writing “just another job-search manual“. I wanted to talk about early retirement and frankly, I was scared of the competition from other career-transition authors. However I get questions every week about bridge […]

Congress changes military careers and retirements

The last post summarizes the latest gloomy news about drawdowns and possible changes to the military retirement system. It’s full of links covering each of the service’s proposals to cut both active duty members and civil servants. It’s a daunting task. The question isn’t “what” will be cut, but rather “how much”. You can try […]

The first stop on “The Military Guide” speaking tour

Some of us early retirees talk about “giving back” or “paying it forward“ by teaching our financial planning and ER skills to the next generation– whether that’s at a high school, a college, or an adult-education program. I think the contributors did a great job of that with “The Military Guide“.  They handed me their […]

DoD panel proposes new retirement system

By now many of you have seen the scary headlines: “Dump the Military Retirement System?” “No more 20-year rule?” “DoD panel calls for radical retirement overhaul” In my opinion these headlines are the military equivalent of the same scare tactics you can get from the financial media. Imagine if CNBC or the Wall Street Journal […]

Top posts

In the last nine months we’ve put up over 100 posts– thanks for your questions & suggestions! Let’s look at the statistics. WordPress only maintains individual stats on each & every post for a month, but I’ve kept track of the posts that went up on the days the blog had over 100 hits. Some […]

Getting “the job call”

“The Military Guide” blog has reached 100 posts!  Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented over the last eight months.  I think my military skills & discipline will keep this going for another year or five, so tell your friends! On with today’s post: One of my shipmates mentioned a few weeks ago that instructor […]

The Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan

This earlier post describes the SBP and its options, as well as the pros and cons of buying it for your survivors. If you landed here from a search engine or some other link then I’d recommend reading the previous two posts before proceeding with this one. Some of the references and links in this […]

More SBP details

Let me disrupt the posting schedule for a day with some additional SBP information from Monday’s post. One of the book’s contributors forwarded me not one but four separate SBP briefs put out by the Air Force Personnel Center. With the gracious permission of Mr. Dan McCullough, who added some clarification slides, here they are. […]