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What You Need To Know About National Guard Retirement

National Guard Retirement

Retiring from the Reserves or National Guard is more flexible than retiring from active duty. In the vast majority of cases, your retirement is based on at least 20 good years of service.  (A “good year” requires a certain minimum number of points or days of drill or active duty as well as complying with […]

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Book Review: Energize Your Retirement (!)

  One of the tropes of financial independence is the perpetual question about leaving the workforce: “But… but… but what will I do all day?!?” It’s by far the most popular question. Oddly enough, it answers itself. When you’re saving and investing, you’re worried about decades of inflation and rising healthcare expenses. You might even […]

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Army Officers Will Keep Their Officer Pensions

A group of Army O-3s will finally be paid the pensions they’ve earned. However their story is also a cautionary example of why you should be saving and investing for financial independence. Last month the Army announced that this blog helped a few officers keep their pensions. Well, sure, the press release doesn’t specifically mention […]

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Reader questions about retiring on a military enlisted pension

    A reader asks some very good questions: “I came across your book and am interested in purchasing it, but I have a few questions. I’m an E-6. I’m married, with no children, and currently only have a retirement savings account via TSP. Is is realistic to assume that someone in my situation can […]

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Retire at 17 years of service or 20?

    I read another good question on a Linkedin group: I am a Marine O-4 who has been passed for promotion and is looking for some advice on early retirement. I will have 17 years  of active duty by the time I am eligible for the early retirement next year. I am a pilot […]

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Starting your bridge career after the military

Long post today: I have 2400 words of real-life examples for a reader’s question. When I started thinking about a book, I wasn’t writing “just another job-search manual“. I wanted to talk about early retirement and frankly, I was scared of the competition from other career-transition authors. However I get questions every week about bridge […]

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