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Book Review: Energize Your Retirement (!)

Book Review:  Energize Your Retirement (!)

  One of the tropes of financial independence is the perpetual question about leaving the workforce: "But... but... but what will I do all day?!?" It's by far the most popular question. Oddly enough, it answers itself. When you're saving and investing, you're worried about decades of inflation and rising ...


Retire at 17 years of service or 20?

    I read another good question on a Linkedin group: I am a Marine O-4 who has been passed for promotion and is looking for some advice on early retirement. I will have 17 years  of active duty by the time I am eligible for the early retirement next year. I am a pilot with experience in operations and ...


DoD panel proposes new retirement system

By now many of you have seen the scary headlines: "Dump the Military Retirement System?" "No more 20-year rule?" "DoD panel calls for radical retirement overhaul" In my opinion these headlines are the military equivalent of the same scare tactics you can get from the financial media. Imagine if CNBC or the Wall ...


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In the last nine months we've put up over 100 posts-- thanks for your questions & suggestions! Let's look at the statistics. Wordpress only maintains individual stats on each & every post for a month, but I've kept track of the posts that went up on the days the blog had over 100 hits. Some of the April & ...