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Will Congress change military retirement?

Brandi commented in the previous post: I can’t wait to snag a copy of your book this summer, and I am looking forward to your post on asset allocation considerations when you are getting a military pension. I do have a question for you – with politicians in Congress in charge of our compensation, and the nation facing ...


Retiring without a military pension

By now you've noticed a trend in the chapters from the "simplest" type of military early retirement (staying on active duty for at least 20 years) to the most difficult (separating as soon as your obligation ends). Financially, the best early retirement choice is staying on active duty until eligible to retire. ...


Mobilizing with the Reserves and National Guard

When you're trying to balance the Reserves/NG with a civilian career, an extended deployment can be a crippling drawback-- or a unique opportunity. For active-duty servicemembers, deployments are just another part of the lifestyle that includes extensive support and assistance for both the deployer and their ...


Reserves and National Guard

Another way to get to 20 years for the pension & TRICARE Everyone who approaches the end of a military obligation has a tough decision: Stay in or get out? The decision is even tougher after the first 10 years: Stay in for retirement, or get out while it's still easier to transition to a bridge career? ...