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Why Military Retirees Keep Working

A reader posted a forum comment about his co-workers: I’m always intrigued when I hear about recently retired military personnel with pretty good pensions who take new jobs after retiring in their mid to late 40’s. If they want to work that’s fine of course, but it’s pretty sad that many of them probably feel […]

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Using Reserve & Guard Retirement Calculators To Estimate Your Military Pension

Reserve Guard Retirement Calculators

 A reader writes: There used to be a great National Guard Retirement Calculators the Army put out– you enter your years of service, total points and the multiplier and it gave you a projected pay per month for your Reserve retirement. This should be on your site– the Army has taken it down…Help the lazy […]

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Will The Military Pay Off Your Student Loans

Military Student Loan Repayment

Are you considering an enlistment, for military student loan repayment options? When you’re facing a mountain of student debt and you don’t even have a job lined up after graduation, the military can seem like a pretty attractive option. So should you join the military to pay off your student loans? Maybe. This is a […]

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The Next “Military Guide” Book

  Some of you know that I write a lot: creating blog posts, drafting the next book, answering reader questions, e-mailing other writers, and posting to Internet forums. I can type over 100 words per minute, and I’ve done it for at least an hour a day over the last 20 years. I’m also financially […]

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What Happens After Your VA Disability Claim Has Been Approved

    The Veterans Administration approved my “fully developed” disability claim– in less than three months of processing. This post stands by itself, but I’m going to skip the beginning of the story. If you want to read the earlier posts in this series then you can click on these links to learn why you […]

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Beware Of Huge Flaws In The Military Blended Retirement System

History still repeats itself, but we’re still not learning from it. Now we have the Military Blended Retirement System on the horizon… The existing military retirement system has been in place since the end of the last millennium when REDUX ended and the High Three pension was signed into law. The REDUX system was modified to […]

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