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“What Happens At USAA’s DigitalMilEx”… We’ll Tell You About It.

Doug Nordman USAA DigitalMilEx

I’m invited to USAA DigitalMilEx Conference again! This year it’s next week (26-27 October) at a San Antonio hotel near their headquarters building. I’ve also been invited to a behind-the-scenes visit on the day before. Please give me your questions and comments— either on this post or by the “Contact me” page or by e-mail (NordsNords […]

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How to Smartly Use the USAA Career Starter Loan

USAA Career Starter Loan

(Nords note:  I’d like to thank Spencer for mentioning that it was hard to search my blog posts by just the title.   He pointed me toward the WordPress plugin Smart Archives Reloaded to generate a page which will list every post on this blog linked by month, year, and title.  Use the sidebar link “All post […]

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Should You Choose The Military’s New Blended Retirement System?

Blended Retirement System

In January of 2018, the military retirement system as we know it will cease to exist. Instead, service members who joined after 2006 but before January 1, 2018 will have to choose whether to stay with the existing system or opt into the new “Blended Retirement System.” Recommended: Beware of Huge Flaws In The Military Blended […]

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Why Military Retirees Keep Working

A reader posted a forum comment about his co-workers: I’m always intrigued when I hear about recently retired military personnel with pretty good pensions who take new jobs after retiring in their mid to late 40’s. If they want to work that’s fine of course, but it’s pretty sad that many of them probably feel […]

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Using Reserve & Guard Retirement Calculators To Estimate Your Military Pension

Reserve Guard Retirement Calculators

 A reader writes: There used to be a great National Guard Retirement Calculators the Army put out– you enter your years of service, total points and the multiplier and it gave you a projected pay per month for your Reserve retirement. This should be on your site– the Army has taken it down…Help the lazy […]

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Will The Military Pay Off Your Student Loans

Military Student Loan Repayment

Are you considering an enlistment, for military student loan repayment options? When you’re facing a mountain of student debt and you don’t even have a job lined up after graduation, the military can seem like a pretty attractive option. So should you join the military to pay off your student loans? Maybe. This is a […]

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