Selling A Personal Finance Book In The Military Exchanges

This is the third post (and conclusion) in a series on writing and publishing. It stands on its own but for more context you can read about the book’s latest sales & royalties report and traditional publishing versus self-publishing. Check the end of this post for an eBook announcement! Bookstores in military exchanges Three years […]

USAA and membership growth

    I received a great comment on an older post about USAA. As I answered it I realized that I’d written an entire new post in the subject, so I’ll just put up the answer here and link back to the other post. I’ll also add in feedback from USAA’s staff. Here’s the entire […]

More lessons learned on insurance (part 2 of 2)

    Last week’s post covered the basic insurance issues when you’re just starting out. You’ll insure your personal property and your vehicle for the financial catastrophes that you can’t cover on your own, and you’ll control the costs by using high deductibles. Insurance expenses make it even more risky to own a home while you’re […]

Lessons learned on insurance

    After Jeff Rose’s life insurance awareness movement, a reader asked: “Nords, what insurance do you carry?” Hunh. I’ve never thought of myself as an insurance role model, unless you’re part of a dual-military retiree couple with just one kid. Technology has certainly brought down the price of the insurance decision, so in some […]

USAA starts an online service to sell your car

    One of the most critical steps you can take toward financial independence is minimizing the cost of the big purchases– like homes and vehicles. Buying economical vehicles and maintaining them for their entire service life can save thousands in upgrade/replacement costs, and buying used can save thousands more. Even if you’d never touch […]

The finances of used cars

    Well, it’s finally happened. Our college daughter is moving off-campus and she “needs” a car. She realizes that this could also be viewed as a discretionary purchase. She’s less than two miles away from campus and could easily walk or bicycle over residential streets. If she had to haul extra books or uniforms […]

Pricing insurance and investments

    Today’s (lengthy) post has been inspired by a reader question. Let me try to stop sounding like a USAA fanboy for a few paragraphs and talk about the issues of pricing and service. “Some of my relatives use USAA and the costs on the services they get are cheaper than what we pay.  […]

Five Money Missteps

State Farm Insurance recently published “Five Money Missteps to Avoid” in their monthly magazine. (Thanks for sending this, Jay!) I’m a sucker for short lists that help you succeed one sound bite at a time. They’re a quick read, they’re easily compared to your own practices, and you don’t feel as if you’re slogging through […]

Suze Orman advises a dual-military couple

Suze Orman recently gave less-than-great advice to a military couple. If you know JoAnn & Tony from Colorado then I’d love to ask them if their plans have changed. Until we hear from them, today is a great chance to show why financial advisers might not always understand the intricacies of military benefits. For those […]