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Military long term care insurance (part 2 of 2)

The last post discussed the different forces that cause people to pay ever-higher prices for long-term care insurance– at the same time when the industry may be less likely to be able to actually pay their claims. Those problems haven’t been solved yet, and it may be another 25 years before they’re properly addressed. We […]

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Effect of inflation on a REDUX military pension

Veterans entering the service after July 1986 are eligible to choose between two different retirement systems. The first system, High Three, offers a multiplier of 50% at 20 years of service and raises it 2.5%/year to 75% at 30 years of service. Each year after retiring, the pension is raised by a cost of living […]

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TIPS and I bonds for military retirement?

Internet discussion boards have some perpetual topics. New members will constantly rediscover the same ground that has been trod by the older members, and occasionally a newbie will neglect to check the archives to see if the issue has already been beaten to death. On retirement forums, two of those perpetual topics are inflation and […]

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COLA calculations

    The Department of Defense applies the Social Security Administration’s calculation for COLAs to military pensions. Although the money comes from different agencies, the numbers are the same. The COLA for the following year (applied in January) is calculated from the third quarter of the current year. The Bureau of Labor and Standards (BLS) […]

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Living with inflation

The last post described the long-term effects of inflation and explained how a COLA pension (plus a portfolio of equities) can stay ahead. One of the issues with the COLA system is its reference: the Consumer Price Index, or CPI. Critics claim that the government manipulates the CPI to make each COLA as small as […]

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Retiring on multiple streams of income

This topic isn’t tied to “The Military Guide” chapter on the Reserve/National Guard, but those military retirees frequently confront a retirement consisting of multiple sources of income. Veterans who retire from active duty will go straight to a pension, but Reservists/NG have to find some other source of cash flow between the time they apply […]

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