Military retirement lessons learned

      A friend’s spouse retired from the military a little over a year ago, and I asked them to review “The Military Guide”. This relatively new retiree has a shadowbox full of awards and medals. They didn’t make E-9 (or O-9) but they were on the short list. Their military pension is well […]

Will you work after military retirement?

    (You’re reading today’s post while I’m starting the USAA blogger conference.  Sorry, I won’t be livecasting to Facebook or Twitter every 10 minutes– I’ll be paying attention to the speakers and asking good questions!  I’ll also try to have a conference wrapup post ready to go for Monday.)   A reader asks a […]

Starting your bridge career after the military

Long post today: I have 2400 words of real-life examples for a reader’s question. When I started thinking about a book, I wasn’t writing “just another job-search manual“. I wanted to talk about early retirement and frankly, I was scared of the competition from other career-transition authors. However I get questions every week about bridge […]

The transition to a bridge career

  “The Military Guide” is full of advice and stories from dozens of servicemembers and veterans who hope that you’ll benefit from sharing their experience. I don’t tell their stories in the blog (you’ll have to read the book!) but I’ll post the stories that didn’t make the manuscript. As you read this next story, […]

Retiring on multiple streams of income

This topic isn’t tied to “The Military Guide” chapter on the Reserve/National Guard, but those military retirees frequently confront a retirement consisting of multiple sources of income. Veterans who retire from active duty will go straight to a pension, but Reservists/NG have to find some other source of cash flow between the time they apply […]

Where do you live after you leave the military?

I try to plan these posts a week or so in advance, and I’ve been following “The Military Guide” table of contents. (Of course there are detailed discussions and analyses in the book which are too long & complex for this blog– you’ll only be able to read those if you get the book!) Occasionally […]

Six months before retirement…

Ideally by six months before retirement the big decisions have been made. The rest is “just” a matter of executing your plans and handling the surprises. Before you start into your checklist details, take a moment to review your progress. By now you and your family have discussed the complicated issues. While there may not […]

When should you stop working?

  What’s your future? After active duty will you retire from the military to a “bridge career”, will you semi-retire to work part-time, or will you retire early and never earn a paycheck again? These questions are tough retirement issues. Like all tough questions, the answer is “It depends”. It’s not an easy answer, but […]