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Book Review: “Work Rules!” By Googler Laszlo Bock

When you’re starting your bridge career after the military, “Work Rules!” can help you ask a few questions during your interviews. You’ll be encouraged if the interviewer notes that their company is considering the book’s ideas. You’ll be disappointed if the interviewer has never heard of the book, and you’ll use that as an opportunity to […]

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Stay For 30 Or Retire At 27?

Last month I had a 2400-word e-mail conversation about financial independence. A reader asked: “I’m on active duty and struggling with the idea of getting out at 27 years to start a bridge career. If I wait three more years to get my full 30, the longevity pay raise and my extra years of service […]

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Eight Reasons Not To Worry About Military Retirement

A new military retiree asked a very good question on a financial independence forum: I am going through a big life transition where I’m taking about a 60% cut in pay. Fortunately, it is a military pension and my monthly budget is lower than what I will get paid. I feel that I’m set for […]

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Hiring Our Heroes: Teaching Employers To Hire Military Veterans And Spouses

Image of Marine saluting the American flag

.   I write about military financial independence, but I’m getting a lot of e-mail about navigating the drawdown and starting a bridge career. I’m also hearing from Reserve and National Guard servicemembers about balancing their military careers with their civilian employers. Veterans (and military spouses) know that their transition to a civilian career will […]

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Military retirement lessons learned

A friend’s spouse retired from the military a little over a year ago, and I asked them to review “The Military Guide”. This relatively new retiree has a shadowbox full of awards and medals. They didn’t make E-9 (or O-9) but they were on the short list. Their military pension is well into five figures. […]

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Reader Advice: Update on Ben’s bridge career

    [This post is from Ben, a military retiree who achieved financial independence before he left active duty. When he retired he was confident in his financial planning (it’s better than mine!) and he was pretty sure he’d find plenty to do all day. However he also wanted to see what he could do […]

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