USAA: seven money rules to break

A few weeks ago USAA article posted an article on when to break the “money rules”. Here’s the summary, with my comments in italics: 1. Pay off debt and build an emergency fund before saving for retirement … … except when your debt is of the low-rate, tax-reducing variety, such as a mortgage or student […]

Back to the Trinity Study

Today’s post will be a sensuous reading experience that only a financial planner or an economist could love. If you’re just getting started on your own finances then you probably want to skip this post (!) in favor of reading the “Armed Forces Guide to Personal Financial Planning”, or “The Military Advantage”, or another book […]

“Present value” estimate of a military pension

(For those of you who follow the stock market’s performance, the inspiration for this post came two years ago: March 2009, the bottom of the Great Recession’s markets. Back then I had no clue that someday I’d be blogging about it.) How much is a military pension worth? The answer is more than just cash […]

Tailor your investments to your military pay and your pension

  Moshe Milevsky’s book “Are You a Stock or a Bond?” suggests that military on active duty can invest much more aggressively than many civilians. Milevsky’s concept of “human capital” grew out of his studies of investment and retirement plans. He noted that every worker has the lifetime potential to earn different amounts of money, […]