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I try to save the link-heavy posts for Thursdays so that readers can explore them over a leisurely weekend with an extra cup of coffee. Of course Monday morning is a very bad day for this format– if you’re not retired yet then you have “other” things to do. If you’re retired, then Mondays are a good day to be out & about!

I have seven eight blog updates in the hopper this time, so let me put them out in about five hundred words.

First off is Dan’s very perceptive “Being Retired: The Stuff No One Talks About”. Most of us think of retirement as a destination, not a journey, but he looks at the other side of the transition to let you know what to start preparing for now. Then, once you’re retired, you can forget about who you were and start exploring who you want to be.

“Paycheck Chronicles” has been on the blogroll for a while, but its importance was highlighted last month when the government wasn’t sure whether they’d make the military payroll. (Kate offered a host of suggestions on how to weather the impending budget storm.) If you have military paycheck questions, she has answers. I’m looking forward to learning more from her next month at USAA’s Military Blogger Conference!

I was slow (so to speak) to stumble across J.D. Roth’s “Get Rich Slowly”  . He’s been growing his site for several years (slowly, of course) and he now runs one of the Web’s top personal finance blogs. His GRS blogger team also profiles a few guest writers each month. (No, I haven’t heard back from him yet. A somewhat biased guest post on BAH generated more controversy than good ideas, so niche military topics might be off the schedule for a while.) I especially enjoy JD’s discussions about home improvement and food gardening.

The Internet’s largest aggregation of U.S. military information is at, and one of the best benefits books is “The Military Advantage”. In addition to tracking the changes in military benefits, Terry Howell also keeps us posted on the latest legislative current events in the “Military Advantage” blog.  I’ve spent a lot of time on his links following the DoD and Congress debates on the financial futures of Tricare and military retirement.

Billy & Akaisha Kaderli’s “Retire Early Lifestyle” website has been on this blogroll since my first post, and they’ve just added a WordPress blog.  It focuses on the daily life of the cultures they meet in their travels, and Billy’s photos tell their usual wonderful stories.

Scott Berkun’s blog continues to challenge my skills. His “How to write a book– the short honest truth” has become one of the Web’s top advice articles. (It’s also destroyed the cherished illusions of thousands of wannabe writers– while turning a few of us into published authors!) The post has also generated over six hundred comments, some of which he answers in this followup.

Thanks to Studbucket at, I’ve continued to explore the technical details of blogging to produce more money for military charities.  Pat Flynn’s “Smart Passive Income” digs into all the gory details.

And finally, breaking news!  Syd Lagier is back from her “summer blogcation”  , refreshed & reinvigorated with a full tank of topics to share.

Next post: an update on next month’s USAA blogger conference.

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