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“What Happens At USAA’s DigitalMilEx”… We’ll Tell You About It.

Doug Nordman USAA DigitalMilEx

I’m invited to USAA DigitalMilEx Conference again! This year it’s next week (26-27 October) at a San Antonio hotel near their headquarters building. I’ve also been invited to a behind-the-scenes visit on the day before. Please give me your questions and comments— either on this post or by the “Contact me” page or by e-mail (NordsNords […]

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New from the USAA Social Exchange 2014 Conference

. Yeah, I know, it’s been over a month since the USAA blogger conference and I’m just now getting around to writing about it. You can read the first post of answers to reader questions for USAA at this link, and the second set of reader answers is here. Now we’ll (finally) talk about the […]

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LEAKED: Statistics From The Army Officer Separation Board

.   [January 2015 update:  this inequity has been resolved.  The Army O-3s affected by the 2014 Officer Separation Board will remain eligible for officer pensions instead of reverting to an enlisted pension.  This happened because people spoke up and drew attention to the problem.  If you have a similar issue, let us know how […]

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Out of debt and heading for financial independence

A reader writes: “After seeing a couple of your posts on the Mr. Money Mustache forum I checked out your book from the library and finished it in a day. It was great but I would love your opinion on what to do in my own situation. My spouse is a junior officer. We married […]

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Military Veterans Rate A FREE One-year Linkedin Premium Upgrade

[April 2016 update from reader Carl Reid: Linkedin’s free year of Premium membership can be obtained at the “Linkedin For Veterans” page.] [September 2015:  Linkedin changed their link again.  Click on the “Job Seeker” link in the first sentence.] [Note:  Linkedin changed the military “Job Seeker” membership upgrade process in November 2014.   This thread […]

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Maximizing TSP contributions from a combat zone

A reader writes: “The goal: We are trying to reduce my taxable income while increasing my Roth contributions. I am in a combat zone through August, so my pay has been tax free, but will soon change. We have converted my spouse’s traditional IRA to a Roth IRA and expect a tax bill. The question: […]

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