Out of debt and heading for financial independence

A reader writes: “After seeing a couple of your posts on the Mr. Money Mustache forum I checked out your book from the library and finished it in a day. It was great but I would love your opinion on what to do in my own situation. My spouse is a junior officer. We married […]

Book Review: “Soldier of Finance” By Jeff Rose

I’ve been blogging for “only” three years, and back in 2010 Jeff Rose was already several years into it. Yet even while he was building his blog and his financial-planning business (and raising a family and helping his spouse with her own blogger business), he was working on a book project. It’s been a pleasure […]

Military veterans rate a FREE one-year Linkedin Premium upgrade

Looking for a job on Linkedin? Try joining their “Veteran Mentor Network” group and getting a free “Job Seeker” subscription upgrade to a Premium membership. This program has been around for a while in different incarnations but it’s been difficult to figure out. It’s almost an urban legend: everyone knows someone who got a free […]

Maximizing TSP contributions from a combat zone

A reader writes: “The goal: We are trying to reduce my taxable income while increasing my Roth contributions. I am in a combat zone through August, so my pay has been tax free, but will soon change. We have converted my spouse’s traditional IRA to a Roth IRA and expect a tax bill. The question: […]

More New Links

It’s hard to believe the last “new links” post was nearly four months ago. There’s lots of new financial independence material today! Join the military First let’s share the professional sites. For those who haven’t already found it on the blog roll, take a look at Join The Military Now. (Back away from your monitor […]

Military Reserve retirement points and “good years”

Can you readers help another reader? I’m stumped on this military retirement question: “So I have gotten conflicting information. I commissioned in 1994. My Leave and Earnings Statement has 31 October 1994 as my Pay Entry Base Date. I spent three years in the Chaplain Candidate program with Reserve designation 1305. All three years were […]

I’m still a Tricare delinquent

      .     [As this post goes live, Tropical Storm Flossie is approaching the Hawaii islands.  It's borderline hurricane strength, and despite that wussy dental name it's still going to dump 6-10 inches of rain on us. It's quite possible that Oahu electricity & Internet will go out. My tiny little share […]

Maximizing your Civil Service Computation Date

Here’s a unique combination of a reader question about federal civil service– and a free eBook from GubMints.com. The link below is only FREE until 11:59 PM PDT Friday. If you’re reading this post at your usual Thursday morning time, then you probably have less than 40 hours left. First, I’m posting the reader question […]

Divorce and a military Reserve pension

      .           A reader writes: My husband was commissioned after ROTC in August 1966, placed on an educational deferment, and did not start active duty until February 1968. How many retirement points did he earn over that period and where is a regulation that addresses this? After some […]