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USAA’s Digital Shift Is Saving Millions Of Dollars

[Nords note: I’m in San Diego at the Sheraton Marina Hotel for Digital CoLab and FinCon16. If you’re in the area then stop by for a free FinCon Wednesday evening 21 September at Your Money Meetup with Jason Vitug of Phroogal.  If you’re not in the area then you can still follow the week’s activities […]

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A Retired Sailor, Recommends 50 of the Best Personal Finance Books Ever Written

Best Personal Finance Books

This list was compiled from the recommendations of dozens of veterans and their families. I’ve personally read or used all of them and I was not paid, compensated, or otherwise bribed to recommend them. Many of them are free through a website or local library. The products are all worth their price, but I recommend […]

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Will The Military Pay Off Your Student Loans

Military Student Loan Repayment

Are you considering an enlistment, for military student loan repayment options? When you’re facing a mountain of student debt and you don’t even have a job lined up after graduation, the military can seem like a pretty attractive option. So should you join the military to pay off your student loans? Maybe. This is a […]

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5 Factors You Should Consider When Evaluating the Survivor Benefit Plan

Survivor Benefit Plan

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is one one of the most debated topics for transitioning service members. It is a form of life insurance that provides cost of living adjusted income, to eligible dependents of retirees who elect to participate in the program. While most of us feel as if we’ll live forever, the fact […]

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Do You Really Need Dental Insurance?

    When you’re on active duty, dental insurance seems essential. After all, most of us grew up visiting the dentist every six months. Lots of us spent quality time with the orthodontist. Frankly, many of us grew up eating a diet high in sugar and simple carbohydrates while perhaps not brushing or flossing often […]

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The Next “Military Guide” Book

  Some of you know that I write a lot: creating blog posts, drafting the next book, answering reader questions, e-mailing other writers, and posting to Internet forums. I can type over 100 words per minute, and I’ve done it for at least an hour a day over the last 20 years. I’m also financially […]

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