Book Review: “When She Makes More”

. I’m financially independent, but I’m blissfully ignorant of popular culture. (Maybe those two facts are related?) I had never heard of Farnoosh Torabi. I first noticed her work a few years ago when she interviewed blogger buddy Darrow Kirkpatrick for Yahoo! Finance about his early retirement. (Yeah, I know now that she wrote for […]

No More Military Retirement or Tricare Prime?!?

. It’s that time of year again: Congress is debating the annual federal budget proposals. My e-mail and social media have exploded with outraged commentary on the proposals to overhaul the military retirement system and to get rid of Tricare Prime. How does that affect your retirement? How does that affect your family’s healthcare?!? Well, […]

Mixed Plate: Military Sanctuary, Disability, And Civilian Pensions

Here’s a post of topics that are too small for individual posts. These leftovers won’t make a financial independence meal on their own, but together they’re a 1400-calorie luau.   Sanctuary for Reserves and National Guard First up is the Navy’s sanctuary instruction. (Even if you’re not in the Navy, keep reading to see why […]

The Frugal Effect

. Last month I posted about our evolving attitudes on spending money. My spouse and I have achieved financial independence, yet our spending still apparently needs a purpose. Even after a decade of military retirement we don’t just fritter away our money– we still apply our frugal tools to decide whether the spending has value. […]

Military Retirement With Enlisted And Officer Service

Today’s post is an “ask the readers” question about military retirement after service in both enlisted and officer grades. (Nearly 80% of this blog’s readers find a post through a search engine. This post uses keywords about officer and enlisted retirements and the accompanying legal issues that can be difficult to research. The same keywords […]

Early Withdrawals From Your TSP and IRA After The Military

Readers frequently ask how they should handle their cash flow after they reach financial independence. The biggest challenge for military veterans is setting aside enough assets for annual living expenses after separation or retirement. There’s usually investment income (interest, dividends, capital gains distributions), rental property income, maybe some pension income, and perhaps a little employment […]

AAFES Offers Printable Coupons – Smooth Move

Typically, service members move about once every three years. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders often require moves across the US or to foreign countries. The Department of Defense (DOD) understands the burden placed on service members and their families and goes to great lengths to help families move their personal items. Superficially this encompasses […]

Update on Military Retirement, Commissaries, and Tricare

I’m getting a lot of questions about the latest changes to military entitlements and benefits, so let’s answer the mail here. Repeal of the military pension COLA cutback First, Congress has repealed the COLA cutback to military pensions. The COLA cutback amendment was part of a legislative compromise but was never debated by the armed […]

Financial Independence and The Cost of Raising a Family

. A few weeks ago, Darrow Kirkpatrick blogged about the cost of raising a family while you’re saving for financial independence. Before I read his post, I had just finished emptying our 529 account with the final payment for our daughter’s college room & board. This seems like a great opportunity to compare our parenting expenses […]

How Should I Invest During Retirement?

. A reader writes: “I would like your opinion on an investment strategy. I’m sure you cringe at anyone who asks for investment advice, however, this question is very big picture. I have five years before I retire and I am considering discontinuing my investing in our Roth IRAs and my Thrift Savings Plan and […]