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Read “The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement”– and share your stories/advice for the second edition.  Impact Publications is distributing it to military exchanges worldwide, as well as through their website and other outlets.  Subscribe to the blog, follow the stories & advice of other readers, and learn about the publishing process with me!

Written by military for the military, all royalties are donated to military charities.  The book shows military veterans how to achieve financial independence and retire on their terms– whether that’s after 20 years of active duty to never work again, or after a career in the Reserves/National Guard, or after just a single tour with a civilian “bridge career” to get to early retirement.

We’ve already donated over $1700 $3800 $9000 to Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House.  If you contribute your advice or story to the book, then you get a vote on the military charities receiving the royalties.

Here’s a free sample of the first chapter.

Portions of the book are also condensed into a 4″x5″ 64-page pocket guide– perfect for handy reference and transition seminars.

Ordering the book and pocket guide:
The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement

Military Financial Independence and Retirement Pocket Guide

Military Families in Transition (Catalog – see pages 2 and 5)

If you’re planning to order five or more copies, please contact me for Ron Krannich’s personal e-mail address at Impact Publications!

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